Friday, August 31, 2012

Sea Center Adventure

We checked out the Sea Center for a family activity.... I stress family because poor Ty is gone a lot (working) so we have to make it a point to do things as a family :) It may sound silly or planned but I think it is SO important that we do things together when we can and I know Copper LOVES it! When the baby comes, he will appreciate it even more!
Checkin out the Jellies

 lots and lots of Jellies!
 Tide tunnel
 Shark eggs
 Copper actually got to touch a leopard shark!
 Not so sure at first....

We followed the afternoon with a nice long nap for everyone! More family adventures to come!

Months 12-14 - yes SO behind...

 The last couple months have been a blur..... Copper is all over the place and I can hardly keep up with my growing belly! Even though its tough, this little guy keeps me going!

Loves rice, only for this purpose.

What is it with boys and large sticks???

 Working on self-feeding :)
 Short belly break :) Copper loves kissing the "baby" although I'm not sure if he associated baby with my belly or that there is an actual baby in there but we are working on it.
 Getting some naked flying in after church :)
 Visiting cousin Brennan! Copper can't get enough of his cousin!
 They really do LOVE each other :)
 yep...self feeding at its best
 I swear Copper does have clothes... he just prefers to be naked :)

 14 months...really??? He is just too big!
 Outing at the zoo!
 Just love this boy!
More updates as months 15-? come around. Whenever I actually get to updating that is....

Maui Family Vacation

Just realized I NEVER updated about our Hawaii trip! ugh... I feel so behind its just not acceptable. Anyway... Here are lots of pictures from our trip! We had such a great time on Maui - the weather was perfect (scorching hot, no rain, sun, sun, and more sun!). We stayed with Janet and Albert in their amazing guest house :) Our days were filled with beach time, afternoon porch time, early dinners and lots and lots of water time for Copper! This was our first family trip (on a plane) with Copper - and he was AMAZING! Both flights were pretty much a breeze, he still stuck to his naps and bedtimes despite the time change AND had FOUR new teeth come in without a blink of an eye. Traveling with ONE child was great - not sure how we will do with two... but we would hop a plane back to Maui anytime!! Ok... here is the documentation :)
SBA - waiting for our first plane ride

First flight was a breeze!
 Running wild at LAX - trying to tire him out before our next long flight!
 We arrived and Copper loved smelling all the flowers!
 This just never got old..

Copper wasn't so wild about the water at first....

Lots of naked beach time!

Family photo :)

 and naked hose time!

Loved the outdoor bathtub :)

Lots of paddling with Janet :)
 This kid couldn't get enough of the paddle board! Ty would put him on the board, he would instantly lay on his stomach ready to go. Did I mention that they actually caught waves like this..... ya - mom heart attack!
more paddling with Janet!
 Couldn't get enough Lilikoi's from Janet!
Had to squeeze one in during nap time <3 nbsp="nbsp" td="td">           
Snorkeling here!

Lots of silly Copper time :)

Yes. Silly.

and the red paddle board again...
I guess I stopped taking pictures here. Our last couple days were amazing. Ty's parents ended up surprising us and coming over for a week! We had so much fun together and hope we get to do it again SOON!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blondie boys

The other day the moms and boys got together for a little play date... The moms chat and boys play ;) the boys (copper, Burke and Ethan) hadn't been together in quite a while due to everyone traveling etc. They were a little shy at first but then best buds as the afternoon went on.
Recap: met these wonderful ladies at Tracy's birth class back in Early 2011 before all the babies came.
Thanks to Annemarie (burke's mom) and her love for baking and general passion for bacon, she brought over the most amazing BLTs for lunch! She also made toddler muffins that the boys all LOVED! They all look like triplets sitting quietly, devouring their prizes!
Jenn (Ethan's mom) was gracious enough to have all of us over to enjoy her lovely back yard in the sunshine!
These ladies brighten my day and they are so refreshing to talk to. It's such a small group so we can share ideas and chat about kid stuff without having to listen to 20 other ideas... I like that too but this is just nicer sometimes ;)
Can't wait for the next time we can get the boys together and play!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bring copper to work day ...

Visiting dad at the station is just too much fun!

Afternoon exploring

We had a few hours to kill so copper and I headed up to the natural history museum! They have a great Dino and butterfly exhibit... And today we even discovered the mammals, birds and insects! It is a great place, lots to do and plenty to learn and explore. We recently got a membership, so we will be back often... And you get to see the sea center too! That's for another day ;)

I'm ONE!

Yes this little munchkin is already ONE!!! ok... my turn to say the standard parent line... I CAN'T BELIEVE MY BABY IS ONE!!!!  Ok, now that's out of the way.
We had a very small gathering to celebrate Copper with some of our friends and family. I don't have many pictures because I was chasing this little bugger around most of the time :) We had his pool set up and some snacks. I didn't realize how hard it is to decorate for a one year old's party... we went for the pirate theme but the Pirate didn't come through very well... oh well. He is only one. We will have many years to out do the last!
We had so much fun, and just loved spending some time with those we love! As you can see from the picture - Copper had a great time!

One Year Updates:
Favorite foods: Graham crackers, anything in a squeeze container, goldfish, and FRUIT - lots of fruit. Also learning how to use a spoon and fork!
Favorite Toy: oh so many right now.... lots of books, balls, stuffed animals, the HOSE! Loves water :)

One year Stats:
Weight - 25 lbs (55 percentile)
Height - 32 1/2 in (98 percentile)
Head Circumference - no idea but it was 33rd percentile. Might have a little pin head :)